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Advocacy and Negotiation LP5002 Module
Agile App Design for Business BM4002 Module
Analysis 1 : Evidence and the nature of knowledge in the digital age BM410 Module
Analysis 2 : Statistics and Data BM507 Module
Analytics and Data BM5007 Module
App Design for Business BM411 Module
Aspects of Contract Law & Negligence LW401 Module
Brand Building and Management BM6003 Module
Business Decision Making BM503 Module
Business Environment BM401 Module
Business Ethics BM502 Module
Business Ethics BM5008 Module
Business in Context BM606 Module
Business Law and Practice LP7001 Module
Business Mathematics AF4002 Module
Business Strategy BM504 Module
Civil Litigation LP4001 Module
Client Management LP6001 Module
Company Law LW5005 Module
Company Law LW503 Module
Constitutional and Administrative Law LW5002 Module
Consultancy Project (15 credits) IL503 Module
Consultancy Project (30 credits) IL504 Module
Consultancy Project (double) IL5004 Module
Consultancy Project (single) IL5003 Module
Contemporary Issues in Business BM605 Module
Contemporary Management Challenges BM6011 Module
Contemporary Project IL7004 Module
Corporate Governance LW501 Module
Corporate Reporting & Finance AF501 Module
Corporate Reporting 2 AF5004 Module
Corporate Reporting and Finance AF5001 Module
Creative Campaigns BM512 Module
Creative Campaigns BM5009 Module
Criminal Law LW5003 Module
Criminal Litigation LP5001 Module
Data & Predictive Analytics AF7002 Module
Debt Finance AP7002 Module
Digital & Social Marketing BM508 Module
Digital and Social Marketing BM5010 Module
Dissertation (Professional Legal Practice) IL7003 Module
Economics BM505 Module
Employment Law LW504 Module
Employment Law LW5001 Module
English Legal System I LW4001 Module
English Legal System II LW4002 Module
Enterprise BM6014 Module
Entrepreneurship Consultancy Project (double) IL5005 Module
Entrepreneurship in Business BM604 Module
Entrepreneurship Research and Reports BM6006 Module
Equity & Trusts Law LW601 Module
EU Law LW603 Module
European Union Law LW6003 Module
Evolution of Global Economies BM409 Module
Evolution of Global Economies BM5006 Module
Family Law LW5009 Module
Final Project IL604 Module
Final Project IL6004 Module
Financial Assurance and Risk Management BM509 Module
Financial Assurance and Risk Management AF5002 Module
Fundamentals of Corporate Law LW5007 Module
Global Markets BM510 Module
Global Markets BM5011 Module
Industry Studies 1 BM4005 Module
Industry Studies 1 BM407 Module
Industry Studies 2 BM5005 Module
Industry Studies 2 BM511 Module
Industry Studies 3 BM608 Module
Industry Studies 3 BM6005 Module
Innovation & Entrepreneurship BM7003 Module
Innovative Marketing Strategies BM607 Module
Innovative Marketing Strategies BM6007 Module
Intellectual Property LW5010 Module
Intellectual Property LW6004 Module
Intellectual Property Law LW604 Module
International Business BM602 Module
International Business 1 BM6012 Module
International Business 2 BM6013 Module
International Business Region 2 BM5004 Module
International Business Region 3 BM6004 Module
International Business Regions 1 BM406 Module
International Business Regions 1 BM4004 Module
International Business Regions 2 BM515 Module
International Business Regions 3 BM609 Module
Introduction to Business Economics AF4003 Module
Introduction to Contract Law LW502 Module
Introduction to Contract Law LW5006 Module
Introduction to Research (15 credits) AS401 Module
Introduction to Research (30 credits) AS402 Module
Introduction to Research (double) AS4002 Module
Introduction to Research (single) AS4001 Module
Introduction to Taxation AF502 Module
Introduction to the Tort Law LW5008 Module
Introduction to Tort LW505 Module
Land Law LW602 Module
Land Law LW6001 Module
Law of Contract LW4003 Module
Law of Equity and Trusts LW6002 Module
Law of the European Union LW5004 Module
Law of Tort LW4004 Module
Leading & Managing Change BM7004 Module
Leading Assurance Engagements AF7003 Module
Listed Company Finance and Governance AP7003 Module
Major Project IL601 Module
Management Accounting AF402 Module
Management Reporting & Decision-Making AF503 Module
Managing Comms., Knowledege & Information BM404 Module
Managing Financial Resources & Decisions AF401 Module
Managing Human Resources BM405 Module
Managing Organisational Performance BM5012 Module
Marketing Planning BM506 Module
Marketing Principles BM403 Module
Marketing Your Business BM002 Module
Operations and Project Management BM513 Module
Operations and Project Management BM5001 Module
Operations, Leadership & Management BM603 Module
Organisations & Behaviour BM402 Module
People Management and Leadership BM5002 Module
People Management and Leadership BM514 Module
Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence LP4002 Module
Practical Legal Research, Writing and Drafting (PLRWD) LP7002 Module
Predictive Analytics and Big Data BM6008 Module
Principles of Business BM408 Module
Principles of Business BM4001 Module
Principles of Corporate Reporting AF4004 Module
Principles of Management Reporting and Decision Making AF4001 Module
Private Company Acquisitions LP7003 Module
Professional Attitudes & Behaviours PS401 Module
Professional Behaviours and Customer Management BM4003 Module
Professional Conduct and Regulation LP6002 Module
Professional Pathway ONline Session AS1002 Module
Project Management BM501 Module
Property Law and Practice LP6003 Module
Research Project AS501 Module
Research Project (LLB) IL6003 Module
Sales Management BM5013 Module
Self Managed Learning Module (Level 4) 15 credits IL401 Module
Self Managed Learning Module (Level 4) 30 credits IL402 Module
Self Managed Learning Module (Level 5) 15 credits IL501 Module
Self Managed Learning Module (Level 5) 30 credits IL502 Module
Self Managed Learning Module (Level 6) IL602 Module
Self Managed Learning Module (Level 6) IL603 Module
Self-managed learning IL7001 Module
Self-Managed Learning (double) IL4002 Module
Self-Managed Learning (double) IL5002 Module
Self-Managed Learning (double) IL6002 Module
Self-Managed Learning (single) IL6001 Module
Self-Managed Learning (single) IL5001 Module
Self-Managed Learning (single) IL4001 Module
Start Your Own Business BM001 Module
Strategic Brand Planning BM517 Module
Strategic Consultancy 1 BM6009 Module
Strategic Consultancy 2 BM7001 Module
Strategic Financial Management BM7008 Module
Strategic Innovation Management BM612 Module
Strategic Innovation Management BM6002 Module
Strategic Leadership BM7002 Module
Strategic Management BM6001 Module
Strategic Management (AB) BM611 Module
Strategic Management (RH) BM601 Module
Strategic Marketing BM5003 Module
Strategic Performance Management BM7007 Module
Strategic tax planning and advice (UK) BM7006 Module
Study Skills AS001 Module
Sustainability BM610 Module
Sustainability BM6010 Module
Taxation for Professional Accountants AF5003 Module
Technical Consultancy Project IL6005 Module
Transnational Economics BM516 Module
Transnational Economics and Financial Markets AF6002 Module
Wills and Administration of Estates LP6004 Module

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